Марк Джейкобс (Marc Jacobs), Новая Зеландия

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Новая Зеландия

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Новая Зеландия

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Краткая биография

The flying Kiwi Marc Jacobs grew up with salt in his veins and wind in his face in New Zealand, and it was only a matter of time before he hit the water. It took him 3 years of saving up his earnings from his paper run before he could afford a kite and spent a year playing with his kite on the beach and jumping off sand dunes, before he could afford a board to go with it. Once he finally got a board under his feet things took off pretty quickly. At just 23 he has already trail blazed an illustrious career path including 2 New Zealand Junior National titles, 2 New Zealand Open Men's titles and a string of placings and now a career highlight with a win on the PKRA world tour. On land he is eccentric and energetic. Caught up in his own world. Crazy is as crazy does. Constantly throwing backflips. But out on the water he is known for his strength, energy and control. In his unique, piercing green, cat like eyes you can see his drive and his passion, and now all eyes are on Marc. He has definitely captured the attention of the kiting world!


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